Payment Information

All fees, copayments, and deductibles for counseling services are due at the time of the appointment. If you wish to bill your insurance company, this must be set up in advance of your counseling session. Any sliding scale arrangements must also be made in advance.

Insurance Accepted:
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield (not BCBS off the insurance exchange)
  • New Mexico Medicaid (BCBS, Presbyterian)
  • Presbyterian
  • True Health New Mexico

Deductibles and Copays:
Most insurance companies will pay for your counseling services. If your insurance company refuses to pay for counseling, then you will be responsible for paying for these services. Some insurance companies will require you to pay a copay or a deductible. A deductible is the amount you have to pay out-of-pocket for counseling before the insurance company will cover any of the costs. If you do have a deductible, you will be responsible for counseling costs until the deductible is met. A copay is a small amount of the total fee for counseling that your insurance company does not pay. Copay amounts vary based upon your insurance plan. All copays and deductibles are due at the time of service.

If you have any questions about your copays, deductibles, or if your insurance company will pay for counseling, please contact your insurance company prior to your first appointment.

Fees for Services:
Without prior arrangements for sliding scale or insurance coverage, the fees for services are as noted below. Please note that some services such as telephone support, records preparation, and cancellation / no show fees typically are not covered by your health insurance plan.

Please also note that because I do not provide a diagnosis during couples therapy and there is no established American Medical Association code for billing for couples therapy, insurance cannot be billed or reimburse for these services.

  • $200 - Intake Assessment
  • $200 - 55 min. After Hours Counseling

  • $150 - 55 min. Counseling / Therapy
  • $120 - 55 min. Counseling / Therapy (Cash or Check)

  • $130 - 55 min. Relationship Therapy
  • $120 - 55 min. Relationship Therapy (Cash or Check)
  • $30 - Couple's Assessment Fee (One time only)

  • $350 - 1/2 Day Relationship Therapy (3 hrs)
  • $330 - 1/2 Day Relationship Therapy (3 hrs; Cash or Check)
  • $640 - Full Day Relationship Therapy (6 hrs)
  • $620 - Full Day Relationship Therapy (6 hrs; Cash or Check)

  • TBD - Workshops and Seminars
  • $300 - per Hr. Legal / Court involvement
  • $80 - per Hr. Professional Clinician Consult

  • $25 - per incident Late Cancellation / No Show Fee
  • $30 - per check Check Return Fee
  • $25 - per 15 min. Miscellaneous Services

Payment Forms Accepted:
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • HSA (Health Savings Account)
  • FSA (Flexible Spending Account)

A clinician convenience discount is offered for clients who pay for Individual or Couples therapy with cash or personal check payments paid at the time of service.